Every necklace when bought has a story to tell; a mother’s gift, one for the best friend’s wedding, for your own wedding, borrowed from your sister for a festival and so many more emotions clenched to it. A woman’s celestial beauty is elated when a piece of jewellery on the neck is worn. Aparna Gold and Diamonds assists in creating such profound moments by offering a vast compendium of necklaces for each occasion. Kerala traditional necklaces like the Manga mala, Pulinagam, Mulla mottu, palaka and many more are found in exclusive collections to suit any Keralite or anyone who wishes to wear them. For beauty, happiness and fond memories.


Bangles are of extreme importance in the culture of India. Women married or unmarried, both wear this traditional jewellery as a mark of showing pride in their culture and of course to flaunt their charm. Be it gold, silver, platinum and diamonds, Aparna Gold and Diamonds offers a wide range of delightful collection to ensure that you are all prepped up for all events or even for daily wear so that you own everyone’s attention in the room.


A woman is incomplete without her jewellery, especially if she is not wearing a set of earrings. Earrings truly accentuate the face, giving a more classy and elegant chicness. An unending option to select from, Aparna Gold and Diamonds showcases earrings that have patterns for each dress that you possess. Be it for an Indian festival or even for a raving night party, everyone can walk in looking drop-dead gorgeous.


A ring is always worn for every happy occasion, like a proposal, marriage or even as simple as a gift. Well, in Aparna Gold and Diamonds, you can find dainty and spectacular assemblage of rings for these very reasons. Fabricated by the best craftsmen, you’ll find some of the rarest of designs to choose from which will give you a versatile tone.


Versatility is the key attribute of a Pendant. Pendants on a chain can be changed to another one according to any occasion that is. They come in different shapes, sizes and designs pertaining to the likes of customers and as always a pendant is the center of attraction. Aparna Gold and Diamonds presents alluring amulets that are made with standard definition to suit your preference